Casino Bonuses and Why They Are Worth Using

Spending time playing casino games such as blackjack, slots, poker, and roulette can be a great way for someone to pass time, have fun, and relax after a busy day. Now, this is all rosy when players have a clue about which casino to play at. Whether it is competition, rivalry, or something else, the fact remains that online casinos jostle for players, and that is why bonuses is a real buzz in the arena of online casinos. While every casino operator may have their own bonus offers and bonus terms, the basics of bonuses are the same across all the casino platforms.

Online Casino Bonus Explained

bonusA casino bonus is a reward given to a casino player as an incentive to ensure they log in regularly and wager on casino games. It can be free game play, free spins, free money, or any other form of reward, depending on the casino where someone is a member. Can the player cash out a bonus? That is impossible. Casino operators would be very stupid to allow players to claim and cash out bonuses, without fast undermining their business. Each casino stipulates in it’s terms and conditions how many times the bonus has to be wagered. Once the player fulfils the terms and conditions of the bonus, the casino will remove the bonus from the player’s account, leaving them with the winnings to cash out. This kind of bonus is known as a sticky or non-redeemable bonus, and it constitutes the biggest percentage of online casino bonuses. Redeemable bonuses, on the other hand, can be withdrawn together with any winnings collected.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, as hinted above, shows the number of times a casino player should wager a bonus given to them. Typically, casino sites display their wagering requirements alongside their related bonus. The wagering requirements are presented as multipliers, such as 40x, 35x, or 30x. It isn’t until a player meets the wagering requirements in full that they are able to cash out any bonus winnings.

Breaking Down Some of the Most Popular Casino Bonuses

While there are at least a dozen types of casino bonuses, there are those which are so common that they appear at just about every online casino, and they include welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and free spins bonus.

Welcome Bonuses

If there is one type of bonus which is available at virtually all online casinos, that would be the welcome bonus. As the name suggests, the bonus is designed to welcome new players to casino gaming platforms and help them get started with games. Prerequisites for a welcome bonus typically include signing up and making a first deposit. Most casinos offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to a certain amount of that first deposit, but this could be lower or higher depending on the casino. If the bonus is 100% and the player deposits £50, another £50 will be added to his account so that he has £100 in his account. If the bonus is capped at say, £200, and the player deposits £300, he will receive an extra £200 to play with. That means the player will have £500 in his account. Of the £300 deposited, only £200 will attract a bonus.

Deposit Bonuses

The name says it all. A deposit bonus is a type of bonus which is awarded on deposits only. It is a broad category of bonuses, and may include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and so on. In other words, a player must deposit some money in order to get a deposit bonus. Virtually all deposit bonuses are capped so that casinos don’t have to give out too much money to players and end up in losses. Casino operators are profit-oriented, and they would not give out lots of money as bonuses. It is no wonder players are advised to be suspicious of any casino sites that claim to offer abnormally big bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

bonususA no deposit bonus is the exact flip side of a deposit bonus, as a deposit is not a prerequisite here. Typically, no deposit bonuses are not significant amounts, since players don’t have to spend any money to be eligible for them. For instance, they can come as a welcome bonus of £10. No deposit bonuses are mainly designed to give players an opportunity to test casino games and decide whether they (the games) are worth their (players’) investment. This type of bonus also allows players to understand how the casino games work and how they are played before they get started with playing for real money. While no deposit bonuses are seemingly a deal that is too good to be true (after all, it doesn’t make sense to start a business and start giving out money), the real case may be different. For instance, depending on the casino, the bonus may be usable on only certain types of games. And, players who sign up could end up being long-term customers; casinos are after this patronage. Thus, there is no loss for either party when it comes to no deposit bonuses.

Free Spins

Free spins are offered in the form of spins, and they are meant to give players free game play. This type of bonus assumes many faces. For instance, slots players may be allowed to spin the reels without investing their money, and the same applies to roulette players (free spinning of the wheel in this case). Additionally, free spins can be given through credits.

Is a Casino Bonus Worth Using?

There is no shortage of reasons why players should grab casino bonuses without hesitation. The bonuses are useful in extending the casino game play. The longer the game play, the more players can enjoy the casino fun. So, who on earth would someone not want to experience casino games such as slots, roulette, or poker with free money? Yes, the bonuses are governed by the terms and conditions, but players will have longer fun. Some players win real cash using bonuses. So, one would simply answer the above question with an affirmative.